Are you a Professional Firefighter?

-Yes,  in Pierce County WA


Are your preps for a specific department?

-My preps are meant for ALL DEPARTMENTS


Are your interview preps guaranteed a profession in the fire service?

-No.  The preps are to make you stand out above the rest.  Nothing in life is a guarantee.  What I can guarantee is my passion and drive to make you better.  Treat all my clients like family.


Why should I go with the Elite plan?

-The Elite plan is jammed pack with information and video tips to tackle the interview itself.  Plus with the Elite Plan, you get monthly videos on how to make you a better candidate and email feedback.  


What is the Master's Program?

-This is for those individuals who want no days off. You get everything with the Elite plus more! This program is having a coach by your side all the time.  Weekly assignments, constant check-ins, pre-paid 1-1 preps, resume builder, specific preparation to make you stand out above your competition, unlimited contact with me, 1/week video responses reviews on questions you have been working on, and more.  This program is highly recommended. Contact me directly if you are interested.


Where can I look for a firefighter job?







Can I book a day that is not posted?

-Absolutely. However, it is extra due to me not having that day off. This one-hour session is never rushed just like the other sessions. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


How do I cancel my membership?

-Easy, just please send me an email: fireinterviewprep@gmail.com.  Under subject, please title it Cancel.  In your message please add the following: name, number, address, reason. 


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