Are you a Professional Firefighter?

-Yes,  in Pierce County WA


Are your preps for a specific department?

-My preps are meant for ALL DEPARTMENTS


Are your interview preps guaranteed a profession in the fire service?

-No.  The preps are to make you stand out above the rest.  Nothing in life is a guarantee.  What I can guarantee is my passion and drive to make you better.  Treat all my clients like family.


Why should I go with the Elite plan?

-The Elite plan is jammed pack with information and video tips to tackle the interview itself.  Plus with the Elite Plan, you get monthly videos on how to make you a better candidate and email feedback.  


What is the Master's Program?

-This is for those individuals who want no days off. You get everything with the Elite plus more! This program is having a coach by your side all the time.  Weekly assignments, constant check-ins, pre-paid 1-1 preps, resume builder, specific preparation to make you stand out above your competition, unlimited contact with me, 1/week video responses reviews on questions you have been working on, and more.  This program is highly recommended. Contact me directly if you are interested.


What is the cost of your 1-1 preps?

-$150.00 an hour. $50.00 an hour for Elite members $40.00 for Master members.  


Where can I look for a firefighter job?







Can I book a day that is not posted?

-Absolutely. However, it is extra due to me not having that day off. This one-hour session is never rushed just like the other sessions. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


How do I cancel my membership?

-Easy, just please send me an email: firefighterinterviewprep@gmail.com.  Under subject, please title it Cancel.  In your message please add the following: name, number, address, reason. 


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