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1-11 FIRE PREP is for candidates looking for professional assistance in the entry-level oral board process. This site is designed to make you understand the process and to make you stand out as a top candidate.  We provide excellent 1-1 coaching at a very affordable price. Satisfaction guaranteed. As a promise, I will deliver the most information and utilize our time to the max.  I value my clients and treat them like family. Guaranteed to score better in your next interview. Thank you for your time and I wish you the very best in your journey to becoming a Professional Firefighter. FF/EMT R.Herrera

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I meet with Ron not too long ago, and I can’t justify how much I respect and appreciate this man. Nothing can justify the amount of time and effort he has poured into this program. I am beyond grateful to know this hidden gem of a gent. Thanks brother for the words of wisdom and knowledge. -Bobby Child

So glad I decided to meet up with Ron! He knows more about the hiring process than anyone I've ever met and he does an outstanding job of explaining it in a way that makes sense. Could not recommend his service more! -Ryan Quarnstrom

I attended Ron's workshop last year and I'm telling you its worth every penny. The questions I had, he answered. I finally knew what I had to say.  I'm happy to say that I got the career I've always wanted. I'm on probation right now and it is a ton of work. Thanks again for everything. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.

                                     -Demetrious Gainey

I’m really glad I decided to meet with Ron for my interview test prep. Although I was a bit nervous at first (not knowing what to expect), Ron was able to articulate the information in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. The fact that he’s personable and has a sense of humor made the prep interview all the more worthwhile. From basic questions that fire personnel may ask to how to systematically prepare for the interview, Ron covered all steps in the process.
Furthermore, the meeting allowed me to see where I was truly at. Ron gave me a lot of positive feedback but most importantly, it was honest feedback. I could tell how passionate he was about the material he was presenting. I felt proud that he took the time to give me some advice and walk me through the process. I have a lot of work to do to be successful but Ron’s test prep is one that I would recommend to anybody serious about a career in the fire service. He is passionate about educating the candidate on what to expect, gives honest feedback, and emphasizes the importance of practice! Thanks again, Ron! -Jerron Smith

If you truly want a job as a first responder separation is in the preparation. 1-11 fire prep will set you apart from the numerous other applicants and ensure you get that dream job you have always wanted! -Kevin Brown

Ron is an absolute expert in the interview. He understands the process and what it really takes better than anyone I have ever met. He will also go above and beyond the call of duty for you. He truly wants you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

                                             -James Smith

Ron is one of a kind guy to help you down the long road to becoming a firefighter. He has helped me realize the dedication and commitment I have to put forth for my ultimate goal. And how much he puts into to help others.

                                           -Devon Moss

I WAS HIRED BY MY DREAM DEPARTMENT! As I said, I believe in what you are doing for people like me, and I would recommend you 1000% to anyone!

                                           -Tyler Savage

Great class that you put on today! You provided a lot of great information that I believe will help me in the near future, and I for sure plan on using the one on one to help fine tune my interview skills! Thanks again for your time today! -Kyle Compton

I would highly recommend 1-11 Fire Prep to anyone interested in a career in the fire service. Ron has tons of insightful information on all different aspects of the hiring process. Going into my Oral Board Interview I felt much more prepared than I had in the past and I can attribute that all to 1-11 Fire Prep!

                                          -Connor Davis

I met with Ron for a one on one prep, and although I would love to be selfish and keep 1-11 Fire Prep a secret, his knowledge and helpfulness is too good a resource to be hidden. There’s no doubt it will be the most beneficial, informative coffee meet up you’ll have. Looking forward to attending a workshop!

                                   -Jacqueline Amadee

Ron opened my eyes up to so much about the hiring process, whether its fire service-related or not, everything he says can be put towards any job you're pursuing. what may seem like a short amount of time, you get way more out of this than you would ever expect. Ron is a great resource to utilize and definitely worth your time if your serious about the process. 

                                        -Brandon Sabas

Met with Ron today and couldn’t be happier with the help I received. Great advice, great perspective, and inspires you to move forward. Thanks a ton Ron and I couldn’t recommend using his services more! -Curtis Yanasak

Wow, compared to how I prepared before I did a session with Ron to now. You could say I was lost. But with Ron's help, my confidence for my future interviews has sky rocketed. His knowledge in the hiring process is so helpful. Highly recommended. -Miles Nicolau

Thank you to Ron for your time and expertise. Your commitment to helping those down the path you once tread is invaluable. You showed me how to present the best version of myself to prospective departments. The bar has been raised and I'm ready to get the best job in the world. Cheers! -Patrick Daly

Extremely helpful! Utilizes your time to max. Very knowledgeable in the public safety hiring process and I recommend anyone looking at getting hired to schedule some time with 1-11 prep. -Kyle Severance

Super helpful! I appreciate the pointers and the in-depth information provided. Feeling more prepared is essential in reducing the stress of the testing process. Can't wait to start applying what I've learned.

Would recommend 100%!!

                                      -Christina Howard

Hi Ron, just wanted to to say I appreciate all of your help in getting me prepared for the interview.  I received the call! I start the academy next month. Thank you so much for your help and I will keep you posted on how it all goes. Thanks again.  -Chase Hupp

Highly recommend taking the time to sit down with Ron and learn from his wealth of knowledge. He is genuinely passionate about helping you get to your career goal. You learn a ton from just a small amount of time with Ron it is unbelievable . So meet up for a cup of joe and be prepared to listen, absorb, and apply the information. - Nathan Johnson

Ron definitely knows his stuff, someone knowledgeable and experienced. He will change the way you look at interviews completely and offers help beyond each session. Great individual and great information.

                                             -Alan Munoz

Ron is great. No only is he a great motivator, but he's a no nonsense teacher as well. He really understands how to get to the heart of what you need to hear and what you need to work on in order to achieve results. I definitely feel more ready for my interview with his help. You can't go wrong with him.  -Chau Nyguen

Attended the interview prep work class. Best decision I could've made. The advice was solid, well laid out, and clear. He gave examples of interview questions and scenarios, and had us practice how we would answer. He's a very motivated, kind, and professional person. I am glad I went to the class because now I know what amazing advice and help will be coming my way when I pay for private sessions. You can tell Ron is very passionate about his job and helping others. I seriously recommend hiring Ron if you are looking to get into a fire career. -Emily Niederstadt

Ron was extremely helpful. I learned way more than I had initially expected, and in only one session. He is a friendly guy that genuinely wants to help people with their dream of becoming a firefighter. -Justin Becker

Mr. Herrera keeps his page up to date with open job listings and is a great resource for knowledge in the testing process. Definitely a man you want in your corner. Would recommend to anyone. -Mitchell Wadleigh

If you're serious about a career in the fire service, Ron is an excellent resource in helping guide you on that path. Whether you're thinking about a career in this field, or even more so if you have been selected for an interview and you'd like to further prepare yourself for the next steps, I can't recommend Ron enough. He will be honest with you, will help answer any questions you may have about the process, provide you with information on what to expect, and most importantly how to prepare. In this field, preparation is everything and Ron does his best in helping provide the foundation and knowledge to get you on your way. -Brian Interbitzin

Absolutely top notch service.  I've been pursing a career in the fire service for many years now and I was finally able to set myself apart from the rest.  I met up 3 times with Mr Herrera, and he was able to pick me a part and show me what I was doing wrong.  I went in to my interview and nailed it. Best career in the world. Thank you so much for your help and insight. -Jake Olsen

I signed up for a one on one meet with Ron and he is a treasure trove of information on the whole testing process. Immediately after meeting Ron I saw how approachable and easy he is to talk to and just truly how caring he is about helping me achieve my career as a firefighter. He laid it all out for me how to approach my preparation leading up to the tests and the best possible way to prepare for the oral board interview. I cannot highly recommend Ron enough. -Tommy Lussier

Met up with Ron for a prep.  Extremely approachable, very professional, and values your time.  It was a great session. Highly recommend his services to anyone.  P.S. got my results back from my interview with Seattle, and scored 100%.  THANK YOU!!!! -V Garris.

Great knowledge and amazing resource if you are trying to get hired on! I learned so much more than I have on my own. I would highly recommend Ron to everyone. -Chase Woodley

Ron, I just recently signed a conditional with CMFR !!! THANK YOU!! It gave me the edge I needed to obtain the opportunity to transition from volunteer to career.  -Max H

Ron, Academy is starting January 7th,2019.  I GOT HIRED! Thank you for your help.

                                          -  Brennon Kosoff

After meeting with Ron once, I was finally able to step into my Oral Board knowing exactly what I wanted to say and how I was going to say it. He helped me organize my thoughts and made some small tweaks to my answers that made all the difference in how I was perceived by the panel. If you’re looking to take your Oral Board scores to the next level Ron is your guy!

                                        -Spencer Byfield

There are countless great things I can say about Ron and what he is doing with his 1-11 Fire Prep company. I have known Ron since 2013 and he is one of the warmest, funniest and professional individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I attended one of Ron's workshops in May 2018 at PCFD13 and absorbed everything he told us that day in preparations for 2 big FD tests coming up. I am now writing this today with a job offer from one of those departments. If you're serious about making a career in the fire service you need to listen to this man!

Thank you Ron for what you are doing and the knowledge you passed to me and all the others that have taken your workshops and have sat down with you. You're doing a great thing and I am sure I am not the only one who truly appreciates your work. 

                                                -Aaron Beckwith

Talk about dedication.  Mr Herrera goes the extra mile.  He really breaks things a part and leads by example. Reasonable, affordable and checks up on you.  I have no idea how he does it.  Thanks again for everything. -Jeff Polo

Hey man.  I subscribed to your service back when it first started.  You do some great work and your input has been invaluable.  I received a CONDITIONAL OFFER!.  I wanted to say thank you for the good work you do.  Means a lot.  Thank you. -Nick Boone

I’m so thankful that I was able to work with Ron. I had made it to interviews before but never made past the first round. I went to a workshop and learned so much in one day, but wanted more. So I met with him one on one. Best thing I could’ve done to better my chances on getting hired. If you are serious about becoming a career firefighter, then you need to go through 1-11 Fire Prep. You won’t regret it. He will be there to help every step of the way.

                                                      -Bill Jividan

If you’re serious about becoming a professional firefighter I advise you to meet up with Ron and go to 1-11’s website! He knows first hand what failure is and how to overcome it! 1-11 fire prep will guide you and definitely set you up for success before going to an oral board. I highly recommend! I owe part of my success to Ron and his guidance for passing my oral board! Thank you sir.

                                                -Roberto Cruz

I heard about 1-11 Fire Prep through a buddy of mine who met up with Ron.  He had all positive things to say about the program and the prep.  I met up with him, and right away, I felt this was the move I needed to do for me to land the career of my dreams.  He is 100% real and wants you to be successful.  After our meet up, I got a call from Fayettville Fire, Arkansas.  I did everything he told me to do, and I'm happy to say that I received an offer on my first try.  Luck? Maybe, but I honestly believe that if I've never met up with him, I would have never gotten the call.  Thank you for everything, man.  I appreciate it.

                                                  -Ethan Sharp

I signed up with 1-11 test prep after referral from a close friend. Meeting with Ron and hearing what he had to say really opened my eyes and made me think about the interview questions completely different than I had in the past. Ron gave me tips and tricks to really think about the questions and ultimately provide a better answer. The things we spoke about and time I spent with Ron was such a great experience. He definitely knows what he is talking about and has figured out the science behind interview preparations. No doubt I will be utilizing Ron in the future and I HIGHLY recommend 1-11 test prep. Thank you Ron!

                                                      -Greg William


"Hey, Ron... This is Carson Roberts. Not sure if you remember helping me with Kennewick's interview a few months ago, but I was just thinking about that and I wanted to let you know I got on with Boise Fire in July. I'm 3 weeks into the academy now and loving it. Thanks for the help!"

                                                -Carson Roberts


Ron- Thank you again for the feedback. 


It helps TREMENDOUSLY with your follow up review, and the minor tweaks that you provide, to get that extra icing on the answers.


Honestly, I feel 8.5-9 out of 10 ready for those interviews that have been delayed due to COVID. 


Since I’m not working for another few months, I want to continue to submit videos for a little while longer, so I can get to that 10/10 confidence.

                                                  -Tyler Norton

I was offered a full-time position with Hanford Fire Dept! thanks for the advice and info!

                                                 -Julian Gilman



I went through fire interviews for a year and nothing was working, I was looking for that edge. Meeting with Ron and subscribing to his services was truly life-changing and flipped my approach to those interviews 180 degrees. He opened my eyes to so much useful information. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants that extra boost to get over the hump in the hiring process. Ron will take you there if your willing to put in the work.

                                           -DJ Winter

After years of years of testing, I was finally selected for the Seattle Academy this 2019.  I want to thank you so much for your input and help.  Your prep paid off. 

                                              -Tommy Clarke

RON IS THE MAN! He paints the picture very clear on what is expected to be successful. Then provides you with the tools to achieve success! Then it’s all up to how bad you want it! I can say, Ron shaved years off of the interview process. Thanks Ron, keep doing what you do best!

                                               -Justin Jones

I highly recommend signing up and doing a 1:1 with Ron! Beneficial, enthusiastic, informative, and setting up every fire candidate like myself up for success for interviews.

                                                  -Jessica Seftel

My Story

Professional Union Firefighter R.Herrera

Welcome to 1-11 FIRE PREP LLC.  My name is Ron Herrera, Professional Firefighter/EMT, founder and personal interview coach for 1-11 FIRE PREP LLC.  I started 1-11 FIRE PREP approximately three years ago, in a local coffee shop in Tacoma, Wa.  After testing for eight consecutive years and continually being on the top ten list for multiple agencies,  I was finally offered the career of a lifetime here in Pierce County, Wa. After completing a challenging year (academy, probation), I finally had time to sit down and see how I can break down the interview process for those seeking a career in the fire service. Day after day, night after night, I realized that the puzzle could be solved.  I wrote down everything I could remember about every single process that I came across and was able to see a pattern.  So, to put my method to the test, I sat down with two individuals who were going to interview for the first time.  I informed them how to approach all different types of questions they may face and explained my method.  After sitting down with them,  they ran home with the information I gave them and practiced like no other.  They had their interview the following week, and guess what, they both landed the career of a lifetime on their first try.  While I was at home, I began to come up with a program that not only will it be beneficial to the candidate but also affordable.  I know that the testing process is expensive, and those who are pursuing a career in the fire service shouldn't overpay for excellent service.  Some of my competition charges $150.00 hr, up to $500.00 an hr.  You won't see that here.  Listen, there is no guarantee that you will get a career in the fire service with any coaching you get.  What I can give you is my drive, my time, and my knowledge.  I will do whatever I can to make you a better candidate.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Those two candidates weren't the only successful ones.  In one year, I coached thirty candidates.  Out of the thirty, 17 landed the career of a lifetime.

(UPDATE as of 7/1/2020)
111FIREPREP.COM just passed the 75th mark of individuals getting pick up. The number of conditional offers keeps climbing.  I believe in my method, I believe in my results. With your subscription of $4.99 a month, you will have access to interview prep tips, notes, interview questions, Q&A with me, personal access, discounted preps, group interview webinars, and much more.  I want to say thank you and welcome to 1-11 FIRE PREP LLC.  Let's
get you ready for the career you deserve. 

FF/EMT R.Herrera

Congrats to the recent 111FIREPREP members for getting conditional offers in the following county:

Richard C (Pierce County, WA)

Duncan E (Pierce County, WA)

Chelsea S (Pierce County, WA)

Jason C (Pierce County, WA)

Jonah P (Pierce County, WA)

Brandon N (Pierce County, WA)

Cole M (Pierce County, WA)

Emily N (Island County, WA)

Stephen K (King County, WA)

Melissa E (King County, WA)

Tyler Savage (King County, WA)

"Pain is temporary.  It may last for a minute, and hour, or even a year.  But eventually it will subside and something else will takes it place.  If i quit however, it will last forever"

-Dr. Eric Thomas

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