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RON IS THE MAN! He paints the picture very clear on what is expected to be successful. Then provides you with the tools to achieve success! Then it’s all up to how bad you want it! I can say, Ron, shaved years off of the interview process. Thanks, Ron, keep doing what you do best!    -Justin Jones



Ron, I just recently signed a conditional with CMFR !!! THANK YOU!! It gave me the edge I needed to obtain the opportunity to transition from volunteer to career.  -Max Hollander


Met up with Ron for a prep.  Extremely approachable, very professional, and values your time.  It was a great session. Highly recommend his services to anyone.  P.S. got my results back from my interview with Seattle, and scored 100%.  THANK YOU!!!! -V Garris.


I went through fire interviews for a year and nothing was working, I was looking for that edge. Meeting with Ron and subscribing to his services was truly life-changing and flipped my approach to those interviews 180 degrees. He opened my eyes to so much useful information. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants that extra boost to get over the hump in the hiring process. Ron will take you there if your willing to put in the work. -DJ Winter



*Subject*: 1-1

*Please let me know if you want to meet in person or online*

*Please send me your top 3 picks*

*Plan you are in

*Contact phone number*:

*All preps are online unless you specify that you want to do one in person*

*All preps online are in the Pacific Time Zone*

Elite members : discounted rate $60/hr

Non Member rate: $150/hr


*Webinar & tutor links will be posted on the site under the members tab 30 minutes before event*

*For tutor sessions, please email me any questions you need help with or need direction. *

May 3rd: 0900 - 1000, 1000 - 1100, 1100 - 1200, 1200 - 1300, 1300 - 1400, 1400 - 1500

May 3rd: Tutor Session 1600 - 1700

May 13th: 0900 - 1000, 1000 - 1100, 1100 - 1200, 1200 - 1300, 1300 - 1400, 1400 - 1500

May 14th: Webinar 1600 - 1700

May 16th: 0900 - 1000, 1000 - 1100, 1100 - 1200, 1200 - 1300, 1300 - 1400, 1400 - 1500

May 24th: 0900 - 1000, 1000 - 1100, 1100 - 1200, 1200 - 1300, 1300 - 1400, 1400 - 1500

May 24th: Tutor session 1600 - 1700

In-person preps will be held over at the Happy Duo Cafe in University Place 3609 Market Pl W #101, University Place, WA 98466

Please subscribe to to be informed about future events, dates, and times. ​

If you are interested in the time above, please email me your top 3 picks at

Plan A: You will be sent a Zoom link 15 minutes before our 1-1.  Please make sure you check your spam/junk mail filter.

Plan B: If Zoom doesn't work on your computer/phone, we will resort to Google Duo

If you would like to schedule an immediate prep due to short notice, please contact me directly at 253-973-5323​

If you are interested in scheduling a 1-hour prep, please contact me directly. 

Note: Red means booked.

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